Pay as you Play

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Pay as you Play is our cheapest and most popular coaching service available. Sessions start from as little as €2 per child, depending on the number of participants.

Pay as you Play means that the child only pays for each session as they participate in it. As a result of this, if a child is sick or absent for any reason, they do not end up paying for something which they do not get to do, as often happens when registering for other activities. It also means that parents are not forced to pay out large sums of money all at once for their child to enjoy participating in sports making it much easier to budget for.

Pay as you Play operates on your own premises and can provide a number of sports both common (such as Soccer, Basketball and GAA) and those less frequently coached sports (such as Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket etc.). Sessions can be implemented as often as you like and can focus solely on one sport or a mixture of different activities from session to session.


Price Guide for Pay as you Play (maximum 1 Hour Session):

  • 21 children or more – €2 per child

  • 11 – 20 children – €2.75 per child

  • 10 children or less – €3.50 per child

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