Skills Certificates

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The Premier Sports Coaching “Skills Certificate Programmes” are designed to educate children in the fundamental skills of their sports. This type of programme differs from our skills development programmes as it focuses on just five aspects of the sport during the programme. Each area will be allocated a one hour session consisting of fun drills, mini games and a task for each child to complete at the end. On completion of the task in the fifth session, participants will be awarded a special certificate of achievement listing the areas that they have covered during the duration of the programme. Children who have previously participated in our skills development programmes will find this to be a great way to offer a new challenge them and test their skills.

Currently we operate Skills Certficate Programmes in the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Gaelic Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tag Rugby

At present, each sport has three levels of certification. On completion of a level 1 certificate in a certain sport, the child will be eligible to take part in a level 2 programme in the future and so on.

The Skills Certificate programmes can be implemented as Extra Curricular activities, during school time, or as part of our services to Youth Clubs and Sports Teams.

Each programme will consist of five 1 hour sessions at a total cost of €25 per child. Payment and registration is required in advance for these programmes in order to assist us with planning, and to enable us to prepare each child’s certificate.

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