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Premier Sports Coaching aims to bring sports to Primary School children in a fun and educational environment that will enable them to develop an interest in health and physical activity, while at the same time progressing a wide number of sporting and personal skills. We are also offering services to Secondary Schools for children in 1st-3rd year. When one of our coaches comes into your school they are fully insured for the coaching activities as are the participants. Our School Services on offer are as follows:

Extra Curricular Activities

Our Extra Curricular activities are an excellent way to bring regular exercise and physical activity into the lives of school children. These activities can take place at any school and are available in a host of sports and activities! They are a great way to introduce kids to new sports, get extra coaching in a popular sport or for schools to offer additional activities that they may not be able to squeeze in during the school day! We currently offer three after school sports programmes for you to choose from, click on the links below for further information.

(All of these programmes can also be implemented as part of any of the PE Assistance activities mentioned below)

PE Assistance

Many schools struggle to be able to offer regular safe and structured PE classes to their students, particularly at primary school level. This of course may not be the fault of the schools as it can be for any number of reasons such as: lack of resources or equipment, small teaching staff, not enough time or knowledge of certain areas. Whatever the reasons for this we may be able to offer you a solution or give a helping hand…

By working with the principal and teachers, as part of the school timetable, we can help to provide the children with many of the fundamental skills that they are required to learn as part of the National PE Curriculum.

How it works: Simply, each week (or agreed dates) we can come in during the timetabled PE classes and take the session for you. All the basic skills of the curriculum will be worked upon such as: Running, Jumping, Throwing, Catching, Kicking, etc. We will also cover both team games and individual sports skills. Our coaches can work with the teachers in deciding what will be covered during the class time, or if you prefer, you can just leave it to Premier Sports Coaching to design a suitable programme for your students – it is entirely up to you!

Sessions can be carried out indoors or outdoors, and the length of each PE session will depend on the amount of time allocated as part of the school timetable. These details should be stated along with class sizes and type of sports required when contacting us, in order to help with session planning. Special rates are available for long term bookings, and we regularly have special offers available for schools to avail of on our Special Offer page!

Sports Days

We can plan, prepare and run sports day events for your school. Our sports days can be tailor made to suit your requirements. These can be sports specific, multi-activity, team based/individual or designed with a class vs. class element (within year groups, but not overly competitive), etc.

The emphasis of our sports days is on fun and participation! A Reward Sticker system can be implemented or Prizes/Medals/certificates can be provided if required (these will be included in the total price). Each child will get to participate equally in all events. Although our team will be running the day, Teachers will be required to be present to monitor the students between events.

All equipment will be supplied by Premier Sports Coaching if required, we can also make use of any equipment schools have and would like to be used.

Sample Activities would include: Races (Running, Skipping, Obstacle course, etc.) Novelty Activities (egg & spoon, sack race, bean bag etc.), Sports Skills (Soccer, GAA, Badminton, etc.) or Team Games and matches.

Starting from September 2012 schools who are not currently customers of Premier Sports Coaching will need to pay a 50% deposit when booking a sports day.

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