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At Premier Sports Coaching we offer a wide variety of children’s sports coaching services. Each session or sports programme is designed with the clients requests in mind and is individually prepared to suit the needs and skill levels of the children involved. At Premier Sports Coaching no child gets left behind!

We currently offer services to Primary & Secondary Schools, Youth Clubs and Sports Teams in Tipperary and its surrounding areas and also run sports camps, blitzes and evening activities around the county! We have an equipment hire section and can also offer services to local events such as field days and fundraisers as well as providing birthday party entertainment!

In order to continue to promote an interest in sport and maintaining a healthy lifestyle amongst the children, we have established the Kidzone area on this website and are operating on the social networking sites: Twitter,Bebo and Facebook. The purpose of this is to enable the children to gather new information, learn new skills, participate in sporting discussions, communicate with their friends and new friends made through our sports coaching sessions. We provide many downloadable activities for the children to participate in once they leave our sessions in order to maintain their interest and encourage an active healthy lifestyle!!

For information on services that may suit your needs click on one of the links below: